October 3-5, 2014

at Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach


Entry Fees are $50 per angler

The Full of Bull Redfish Tournament is a tag and release tournament held to gather much needed research on the Redfish breeding stock. We hope to learn more about spawning activity, male to female ratio, migration, growth, and general health and sustainability of the stocks.

 There are minimum tackle requirements, with circle hooks mandatory. There will also be a seminar at the captains meeting  which will cover proper handling and release techniques to insure
healthy releases and no dead fish.

Redfish Tagging Program
If you are interested in tagging Redfish for research either during the Tournament or any other time, please click here for an application.  The data is collected and analyzed by the Louisiana Cooperative Marine Fish Tagging Program.  Please complete and send in the application quickly to allow time for delivery.


Beach Marine in Jacksonville Beach
Full of Bull Redfish Tournament:

• Eligible species will be Redfish

• Each captain will be issued a uniform measuring device
and a box of Eagle Claw circle hooks.

• Once measured, all fish shall be tagged and immediately returned to the water with a diligent effort made to revive the fish and ensure a healthy live release

• For the sake of conservation and education, all tagging data will be given to the CCA for analysis. They will study migration and spawning habits of our local bull red fishery.

Entry fee $50 per angler
Make checks payable to Full of Bull Redfish Tournament